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At Carruthers Curdie Sturrock and Co, we understand the importance of estate planning.

We can provide you with advice on the creation of a trust, which may be a useful tool when considering estate planning or can be used to protect vulnerable family members.

Setting Up A Trust

Trusts can be set up during someone’s lifetime for example to hold assets for a child or they can come into force on the death of the Truster.

Setting Up A Charitable Trust

If you are dealing with an existing charitable trust or you wish your own estate to be held in perpuity for charitable purposes we can advise you on its setting up or administration. We have numerous years’ experience dealing with the administration of charitable trusts, which can be created for the benefit of a particular person or group of society.  

Whatever your trust needs, we can provide you with helpful advice on the most suitable way to protect your assets or the administration of the trust. 

For more information on our trust services please contact us on 01563 572727 or email us mail@carrutherscurdiesturrock.co.uk

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